Big Solar Coming to Dane County Regional Airport

The 31,000-panel array will generate enough clean energy to power about 40% of Dane County's operations.

Drivers along Highway 51 near the Dane County Regional Airport may have noticed some construction activity this fall. MGE partnered with Dane County to build a 9-megawatt solar array that will generate enough carbon-free electricity to power about 40% of County operations.

With about 31,000 solar panels on 58 acres, the solar array is the largest in the state built for a single customer. MGE owns the array and sells the energy to Dane County under a Renewable Energy Rider (RER) agreement. MGE's innovative RER program grows clean energy in our community. The project is expected online by the end of the year.

The array features tracking technology that adjusts the panels throughout the day to capture 35% more energy than a fixed array. 

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of construction and to learn more about the array.


published: Nov-25-2020