Local Solar Project to Serve MGE Customers

solar panels
By 2030, every MGE electric customer will have 80% fewer carbon emissions from their electricity use simply by being an MGE customer. MGE is working  toward our goal of net-zero carbon electricity by investing in cost-effective, renewable energy projects, including a large-scale solar project in Dane County.

In mid-March, MGE received approval to purchase a 10% share of the Koshkonong Solar Energy Center. MGE will own 30 megawatts (MW) of solar energy and 16.5 MW of battery storage from the facility to be built in the towns of Christiana and Deerfield. The project is expected to come online in late 2025.

The Koshkonong Solar Energy Center is one of three announced investments by MGE in large-scale solar energy and battery storage to serve all MGE electric customers. MGE also will own a 10% share of the Paris Solar-Battery Park and the Darien Solar Energy Center, both of which are under construction. 

Red Barn Wind Farm comes online 

In early April, the Red Barn Wind Farm began serving all MGE electric customers. MGE owns 9.1 MW of the 92-MW wind farm in Grant County.

About our carbon reduction goals 

MGE was one of the first utilities in the nation to commit to net-zero carbon by 2050. And, at the beginning of this year, we announced our goal to reduce carbon at least 80% by 2030 from 2005 levels, consistent with climate science, as we work toward achieving net-zero carbon electricity. Adding more clean energy, advancing energy efficiency and the electrification of transportation are key strategies for achieving our carbon reduction goals. Visit mge2050.com to learn more about how MGE is partnering with our customers to reach shared goals. 

published: Jun-01-2023