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"Electric Eats" Food Truck Comes to UW Campus

MGE partners with UW-Madison to bring the all-electric food truck to serve up emission-free eats.

This spring, students, faculty and visitors to the University of Wisconsin-Madison will be able to purchase local and seasonal food choices from a mobile food truck that runs on electricity. MGE partnered with University Housing's Dining and Culinary Services team and the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability to bring the all-electric food cart called Electric Eats to campus.  


About the food truck

"Fuel" costs for the electric food cart are 50% less than a comparable gasoline model. It's cleaner, quieter and the first of its kind on any college campus.

The small, rechargeable truck runs on two chargeable batteries: one for the food service equipment and one to power the vehicle. These batteries can be charged in any standard 20-amp power outlet and supply enough energy for the truck to run for 50 miles and up to 10 hours of service before needing to be recharged.

The cart will rotate through various locations on campus and offer a variety of locally sourced breakfast and lunch items including sandwiches, fruits, snacks and drinks.

Check out our latest video to see Electric Eats in action, and visit mge.com/LovEV to learn more about EVs including available models, driving distances, tax incentives and electric rates, charging opportunities and more.



published: Feb-25-2022

Debbie Branson

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