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Electric Car Convenient for Family of Three 

Variety of models offer plenty of range and are easy to charge. 

Electric vehicles (EVs) work for families, too! Kari and Will Brosius use their Nissan LEAF® to run errands and visit family, with stroller in tow. The LEAF has plenty of range to meet their driving needs. Depending on the EV model, you can travel 200 miles or more on a single charge! 

Kari and Will do most of their charging at home—they plug in at night and their vehicle is ready to go in the morning. No more trips to the gas station. Kari and Will signed up for MGE's Charge@Home program. For about $20 a month plus the cost of electricity, MGE electric customers can charge at home six times faster than with a standard outlet.  

Check out our latest video to see how this young family enjoys the convenience of driving electric. 


published: Apr-07-2020

Debbie Branson

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Debbie Branson

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