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Electric Trucks and SUVs Coming Soon! 

There's an electric vehicle for everyone with a variety of makes and models. 

Coming soon to a showroom near you—electric vehicles (EVs) in all shapes and sizes. Almost every auto manufacturer from GM to Kia has announced plans to offer EVs in 2020 and beyond.   

The future looks bright for EVs with more models you can drive farther on a single charge. You could pull your boat up north for a weekend on the lake with an electric pickup or haul the kids to a state park in your electric SUV.   

Growing charging networks also offer worry-free travel in style with access to charging stations—including DC fast chargers—across the country if you need to "fill up." MGE has installed a network of more than 40 green-powered public charging stations, including five DC fast chargers. 

Watch the video to get a sneak peak of EVs coming to a city near you. For more information on electric models, costs, charging options and how to charge your vehicle on clean energy, visit mge.com/LovEV


published: May-29-2020

Debbie Branson

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Debbie Branson

MGE Manager
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