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Looking to Drive Electric on a Budget?

As market grows, so do options for used electric vehicles (EVs).

The used car market is booming. According to Edmunds, used car sales are up 22% from a year earlier. Used cars offer a lower sticker price and often have low mileage. Many drivers like getting more features at a lower cost. As more electric vehicles (EVs) hit the road, used options are becoming more available and affordable.
Used EVs are selling quickly. Early adopters often trade in a perfectly good EV for the latest-and-greatest model. That means you can buy a loaded vehicle with plenty of battery life.
Like a new EV, used models offer no tailpipe emissions and instant torque. Torque is what pushes you back in your seat and makes driving fun! In addition to a lower upfront cost, you pay less for fuel and maintenance. EVs cost the equivalent of $1.20/gallon to drive. Plus, no more trips to the gas station or waiting in line at the dealership for an oil change.
In general, EVs tend to have fewer miles on the odometer and there is less risk of inheriting maintenance issues. EVs have fewer moving parts, meaning fewer things can go wrong.


Questions about battery life

Some car shoppers may have concerns with battery life. Battery capacity does diminish over time, but most auto manufacturers offer an eight-year or 80,000-mile battery warranty. Depending on use, the average battery may degrade from 10% to 40% of capacity over the warranty period. There are steps you can take to extend battery life.

  • Minimize exposure to high temperatures.
  • When the temperature rises, park your vehicle where it's cooler so the battery's thermal management system can operate on grid power and keep the battery cool. You should also minimize exposure to extremely cold temperatures.
  • Plug in your vehicle when the temperature drops. Again, the thermal management system can help keep the battery warm. And, don't let the battery drain to a zero state of charge.
You can find used EVs at local dealerships or online.
Visit mge.com/LovEV to learn more about EVs including available models, driving distances, tax incentives and electric rates, charging opportunities and more.

published: Dec-14-2020

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