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MGE Helps Businesses Go Electric 

Electric vehicle (EV) programs and resources enable companies to electrify their fleets and provide workplace charging. 

On the road today are electric cars, vans and trucks delivering beverages, hauling passengers to the airport and visiting job sites. In the future, more businesses will be driving electric. 

Quiet operation, cheaper fuel, less maintenance and lower emissions are appealing to fleets like the City of MadisonMadison Gas and Electric, Green Cab and Amazon. With more models rolling off the assembly line, the switch to electric will be even easier with more options at a variety of price points. 

MGE is helping business customers make the transition to electric fleets from start to finish. Businesses researching electric options can schedule an EV Fleet Analysis with MGE. We will look at how current gasoline vehicles are being used—miles traveled, fueling stops and parking needs—to determine if EVs will be a good fit. A detailed report will show businesses how much it will cost to own and operate an EV in comparison to current vehicle costs. 

On-site charging  

Like passenger vehicles, an important consideration is charging. MGE can help business customers figure out how and where to charge EVs. On-site charging is a great option. MGE has been installing charging stations for more than 10 years, so we can offer information on models, costs and installation requirements.  

In some cases, fleets might need to charge on the go. MGE operates a network of more than 40 public charging stations, including five DC fast chargers. Fleets can charge quickly and get back on the road. Also coming in 2021 is an electric vehicle charging hub centrally located in downtown Madison with 16 high-speed charging stalls for an even faster charge. 

Environmental, cost-saving benefits  

Many businesses want to lower emissions, but the bottom line is equally important. Fleets can fill up with electricity for about half the cost of gasoline. MGE’s EV Fleet Rate may help customers save even more money by offering a discount on demand charges. For more information on the EV Fleet Rate, visit MGE’s LovEV site.  

Businesses looking for more information on electric transportation can visit MGE’s LovEV website. Here they will find information on the EV Fleet Analysis, available models, costs and more! 

There's a lot to discover—and a lot to love—about EVs. Learn more about EVs at mge.com/LovEV. And, for news and features about electric vehicles, stay plugged in to the EV Rider section of mge2050.com

published: Apr-01-2021

Debbie Branson

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