Cleaner, Quieter Lawn Care

Electric lawn mowers can help to simplify your lawn care routine.

Have you noticed a quiet revolution in your neighborhood the last few years? Is the gentle hum of electric lawn mowers slowly replacing louder gas models?  

Many homeowners are choosing electric lawn mowers to simplify their lawn care routine and to reduce their environmental footprints. Advances in battery technology have made replacing gas-powered lawn mowers with electric models easier—and more cost-effective.

Going electric means skipping trips to the gas station and eliminating the need to buy motor oil. Plus, electric mowers are quieter with no emissions!

Electric mowers are available in plug-in, cordless and hybrid models and are typically available where traditional mowers are sold. Depending on the model, the cost is less than $10 per year for electricity. They also are lighter and easier to maintain, and models have push-button or trigger-pull starts!

Want to eliminate the gas can in your garage for good? Electric trimmers, tillers and chain saws also are available.

published: Apr-04-2024