Electric Transportation Options Continue to Expand

All-electric taxis and buses, new ridesharing options and electric bikes are helping to grow sustainable transportation.

Getting around town without driving a car often means riding a diesel bus or calling a gasoline-powered cab or rideshare. But that's changing. The City of Madison and a host of other public transportation providers are making strides with low- or no-tailpipe-emission options for moving from Point A to Point B. Here's a look at current and future electric transportation in Greater Madison.


All-electric buses

Three Madison Metro all-electric buses will be hitting the streets in 2021. MGE worked with Metro to secure a federal grant for the buses and contributed local matching funds for charging infrastructure for the buses. Electric mass transit, including electric buses, will play a key role in helping to reduce emissions from transportation, which accounts for about 28% of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.


Sustainable ridesharing

Uber rolled out its Uber Green option earlier this year. It allows riders to select an electric or hybrid vehicle for $1 extra per ride. Madison was one of first 15 cities where Uber added its low-emission ride option.


All-electric cab company

While Green Cab of Madison has been providing taxi service in the area for a number of years, the company went all-electric in 2019 and now features a fleet of Teslas and Chevy Bolts.


Pedal power

For those who prefer two-wheeled transportation, electric bikes are a fun option. In June 2019, Madison became the first city in the nation to fully convert its bike-sharing system to electric bikes. Madison BCycle has a number of conveniently located stations where riders can check out pedal-assisted bikes.

published: Dec-15-2020