Electrify, Simplify Your Lawn Care Routine

Electric tools offer lower maintenance and push-button starting.

If you're looking to save money on maintenance, save time and reduce your environmental footprint, replacing gasoline-powered lawn care equipment with electric models is easier than ever with a variety of options and costs. Some of the benefits of electric models are push-button or trigger-pull starting, no exhaust fumes and quieter operation. 

Going electric for your lawn care also means skipping trips to the gas station. You can get rid of the gas container and bottles of motor oil, which means no more spills and no more fumes! Using equipment that doesn't use gas or motor oil also benefits local watersheds by reducing runoff into storm drains.

Electric lawn mowers

While manual mowers are an option for small lawns, electric mowers can handle larger yards and are often available where traditional mowers are sold. They come in a variety of types—including plug-in, cordless and hybrid models, which can be operated while plugged in and then switched to battery-powered cordless operation to increase running time. Depending on the model, the cost is less than $10 per year for electricity. They also are easy to maintain with no costly engine tune-ups. 


Electric tillers and trimmers 

Electric garden tiller/cultivator and trimmer options continue to increase for homeowners looking to simplify their lawn care. These models also are maintenance free, with no tune-ups needed.


Electric chain saws

Technology has improved the battery life and cutting power of electric chain saws, making them a good option for basic yardwork. They are also quieter than their gas-powered counterparts. A variety of plug-in and cordless models can generally be found where home lawn equipment is sold. While going electric eliminates the need for gas and motor oil, electric chain saws do require lubricating oil for the bar and chain.

published: Jul-16-2020