Electrify Your Lawn Care 

Low operating costs, easy maintenance and reduced noise among the benefits of going electric. 

It's that time of year again. Neighborhoods are humming with the sounds and smells of fresh-cut grass. For many, this means heading to the gas station to fill the gas can and storing it along with bottles of oil in the garage. If you're looking to save money on maintenance, save time and reduce your footprint, trading an old gasoline-powered mower for an electric option is easier than ever with a variety of models and costs. 

While manual mowers are an option for small lawns, electric mowers can handle larger yards and are often available where traditional mowers are sold. They come in a variety of types—including plug-in, cordless and hybrid models, which can be operated while plugged in and then switched to battery-powered cordless operation to increase running time. Electric rototillers, snow blowers and trimmers also are available from a number of manufacturers. 

Electric lawn mower benefits 
  • Cost-effective: Depending on the model, the cost is less than $10 per year for electricity. They also are easy to maintain with no costly engine tune-ups. 
  • Clean: There is no spilled oil or gasoline, no exhaust fumes and significantly reduced air pollution. 
  • Quiet: Electric mowers are about 50% quieter than gasoline mowers. 
  • Light: Models weighing just over 20 pounds are available. 
  • Easy to start: Push-button starting eliminates the need to pull on a starter cord. 

Visit mge.com/greenlawnmower for more information. 

published: May-04-2020