Electrify Your Ride

New electric trucks and cars offer plenty of range, style and fun features. 

Electric vehicles (EVs) are cleaner, quieter and fun to drive. With instant torque and a variety of features to help you sing karaoke at a parking lot party, show off "Back to the Future" doors or protect your pooch with dog mode, EVs offer all you need in a vehicle with some next-level features. Here’s a look at some innovative (and fun) features of EVs that are available now.


Need something rugged but still want to be gentle on the planet? The HUMMER EV is the 21st century, no-tailpipe emission version of its gas-guzzling predecessor, the HUMMER. According to GMC, the Crabwalk setting uses the HUMMER’s four-wheel steering with rear wheels that can turn up to 10 degrees in either direction, which enables drivers to “drive diagonally” at low speeds. It’s perfect for tight trails and perhaps working your way out of a tight parallel parking spot. 

Tesla Dog Mode

Did your pup get attached during quarantine and now wants to go along for the ride, perhaps every ride? With summer just around the corner, there’s no need to tell Magnus he can’t ride along to the gym. Tesla owners can set their car to a safe temperature and post an alert to let concerned dog lovers know he’s hanging out in comfort with his owner nearby.

Tesla drivers also can enable Sentry Mode for an added layer of protection for their furry, four-legged companion. Tesla describes Sentry Mode as a "standby" state, similar to a home alarm system. The vehicle's cameras can detect, record and alert to any unusual activity around the vehicle, even sounding the car's alarm depending upon the potential threat being detected.

Don’t forget the frunk

Prefer to keep your car clean? Like other EVs, the Ford Mach-E has a water-resistant front trunk—otherwise known as a frunk—where you can store muddy gear, wet beach towels or any number of things. Unique, however, to the Mach-E is a convenient drain for easy cleanup! According to Ford, you can even fill it with ice and add your favorite beverages.

Skip the stops, charge at home 

If you bring an EV home, MGE makes home charging easier with Charge@Home. For about $20 a month (64 cents a day) and the cost of electricity, MGE will coordinate the installation of a Level 2 (240 volt) charging station with no upfront cost. Level 2 stations charge about nine times faster than a standard outlet. Visit mge.com/chargeathome to learn more. 

Hit the road with confidence

Many EVs can travel more than 250 miles on a single charge, with a number of models offering extended ranges to get you from Madison to Chicago. There are more than 140 DC fast charging locations in Wisconsin. DC fast chargers provide about 60 to 80 miles of driving range in 20 minutes. Looking to charge in Madison? MGE's public charging station network, powered by clean energy, includes more than 40 charging stations, including five DC fast chargers.
There's a lot to discover—and a lot to love—about EVs. Learn more about EVs at mge.com/LovEV. And, for news and features about EVs, stay plugged in to the EV Rider section of mge2050.com.  

published: Apr-01-2021