MGE Connect® Expanding in 2021

Easily reduce your carbon footprint by saving energy almost effortlessly!

Do you have a smart thermostat? Are you interested in saving energy?

If you answered "yes," consider joining MGE's smart thermostat program, MGE Connect, this spring. MGE Connect is expanding, giving more customers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint easily by partnering with MGE.

How MGE Connect works

With customers' permission, minor temperature adjustments are made to participating customers' smart thermostats to reduce energy use during stretches of hot, humid days when air conditioners run most often. These periods of high electric use put pressure on utilities to generate and distribute enough electricity to everyone who needs it. Customers experience little to no impact on comfort from the temperature adjustments.
Several of the thermostat adjustment events last summer generated savings of more than 900 kilowatt-hours of energy across our grid in a single event. That's enough energy to power a typical home for a month during summer! With more households participating, even more energy savings is expected this year.

How to sign up

Program enrollment for new MGE Connect participants is now open! Visit to review program eligibility and to complete the enrollment form. 


Working together to achieve net-zero carbon electricity

Using energy efficiently is one way we all can reduce our environmental footprint. Energy efficiency is a key strategy for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. MGE is committed to working with our customers to achieve net-zero carbon electricity by 2050.

published: Apr-15-2021