Take Charge of Snow Removal with an Electric Snow Blower

A variety of plug-in and battery-powered options are available for small and large areas.

Winter is here! In Wisconsin, that means the snow is flying and piling onto driveways and sidewalks. Electric snow blowers are a cost-effective alternative to gas-powered models, along with the benefits of being cleaner, quieter and lighter.

Clean and cost-effective

The average 15-amp snow blower costs about $10 per year to operate. There are a variety of models available to order online and to buy where traditional snow blowers are sold. Electric models are comparable, or sometimes lower, in cost to gas models and cost less to maintain with no need to purchase gas or oil.

Easy to start, easy to maintain

One of the benefits of an electric snow blower is a push-button or trigger-pull start, which eliminates the need for the sometimes strenuous task of pulling on a cord to start a gas model. With no need for gas or oil to maintain or drain, you can simply store it at the end of the season.

Plug-in models

While running a snow blower with a cord may not work for a larger area, many plug-in owners enjoy the simplicity of being able to plug in and go. Plug-in snow blowers are a good option if you have a smaller area and can walk your snow removal route with the length of the cord. Be sure to follow manufacturer recommendations for outlets, extension cord ratings and extension cord length limitations.

Battery-powered models

Battery models are available at a variety of prices and sizes. While the cost may be slighter higher for battery models, they come in a variety of sizes to tackle small, medium and large areas.

Simple steps, such as going electric for your snow removal or lawn care needs, are some of the many ways we all can work together to lower emissions and help meet our shared sustainability goals.

published: Jan-08-2024