Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging and Our Community Grid 

Level 2 home chargers offer convenience and opportunity to better manage energy resources. 

Ask any electric car owner what they love about driving electric, and here's what you'll hear: 

  • "I love paying less to fill up."  
  • "My electric vehicle is fast!"  
  • "I feel good about the zero tailpipe emissions."  

Many also would agree that charging at home is very convenient—you can charge overnight and wake up with a full battery. 

MGE makes it even easier to fill up at home with Charge@Home. For about $20 a month plus the cost of electricity, MGE will coordinate the installation of a Level 2 (240-volt) smart charging station at your home. MGE also will handle any maintenance, so less hassle and less worry.   

Managed charging benefits our community grid 

Smart stations give MGE the opportunity to manage EV charging—and its impact on our community's grid at a given time. Managed charging allows MGE to remotely adjust when drivers charge or how much power is sent to their charging station. Many drivers are plugged in all night but only charging for a few hours. This allows MGE to manage charging without inconveniencing customers. 

Why managed charging? 

If MGE can shift charging to times when fewer customers are using electricity, we can make better use of grid resources and manage long-term costs for all customers.   

For details on MGE's Charge@Home program, visit mge.com/chargeathome. If you want to learn more about EV costs, models and more, check out mge.com/LovEV.   


published: May-26-2020