Explore Energy-Saving Resources from FOCUS ON ENERGY® 

Online Marketplace, free energy-saving kits can help you manage your energy use.  

Looking for low- or no-cost ways to make your household more energy efficient? MGE's partner, FOCUS ON ENERGY®, has a variety of resources to help! 


Online Marketplace 

MGE customers can shop for energy-efficient products and receive instant discounts with the Online Marketplace. The marketplace offers free shipping for orders of more than $49 and savings like $50 off a smart thermostat, $20 off an advanced power strip and 33% off LED lights and water-saving products. 

Free energy-saving kits 

FOCUS ON ENERGY also has designed six free energy-saving kits that can be ordered online and shipped for free to your home. MGE customers can choose from one of six packs designed to help you save energy and conserve water with items like advanced power strips, LED lightbulbs, pipe insulation and water-saving showerheads. 


Incentives for energy efficiency investments 

FOCUS ON ENERGY also offers a variety of financial incentives for heating and cooling improvements, smart thermostats, insulation and air sealing, and renewable energy technology. 

Please contact FOCUS ON ENERGY with questions or for more information about their programs and incentives. 

published: Jul-27-2020