Think Ahead to Cooling Season  

Take steps today to prepare for an energy-efficient summer. 

With the warmth of spring and summer on the way, now is a good time to make sure your household is prepared for cooling season! Get started with these tips. 

  • Make saving energy almost effortless—consider a smart thermostat. Heating and cooling are typically a household’s biggest energy users. Smart thermostats can be controlled remotely with a smartphone, and many models can learn your household routine and automatically adjust the temperature. FOCUS ON ENERGY®, MGE’s partner in energy efficiency, has an online marketplace that offers instant discounts on smart thermostats and other energy-saving items. 
  • Already using a smart thermostat or plan to install one? Enroll in MGE Connect®, our smart thermostat program. Participants agree to brief, minor adjustments to their thermostats during periods of high electricity use during the summer. The program helps MGE manage demand on the grid during these periods. Participants can opt out of these adjustments at any time. Visit for participation details, including incentives!  
  • Choose a qualified contractor to service your central air conditioner every two years. Also, make sure during cooling season to check regularly—and replace or clean—your furnace filter. (Your air conditioner and furnace use the same filter to remove particles from the air.) Dirty filters can reduce airflow, reducing its efficiency. 
  • HVAC in need of replacement? Explore the benefits of heat pumps. Heat pumps offer a low maintenance, energy-efficient option for heating and cooling. Watch the latest video from Green View, our community-focused video series, to learn why one family opted for a dual-fuel heat pump system.  

published: Feb-28-2024