Energy-Saving Partnership Wins Award

Program for large energy users to reduce their use wins innovation award.

MGE's On Demand Savings (ODS) program, launched in partnership with Wisconsin's Focus on Energy, is a win-win, helping customers cut energy costs and advance sustainable practices.

The program now is being recognized with an Inspiring Efficiency Award for Innovation by the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, a regional organization dedicated to advancing energy-efficient technologies, products and best practices.

The ODS program offers large customers, such as schools and businesses, tools and strategies to reduce energy use, especially during periods when demand for electricity is at its peak. "Peak" occurs when utilities must use their maximum capacity of electric generation and distribution lines to serve the grid. If we can reduce peak, we can reduce long-term costs for all customers by avoiding the cost of building additional generation to meet peak demand.

Kromrey Middle School joined ODS in 2016. As seen in this brief video, working together to study new energy-saving strategies has paid off!


published: Jan-15-2018