Madison Fire Department Adds its First Electric Fire Engine

New Volterra™ Pumper serves city’s East Side.

If you’re traveling on Madison’s East Side, watch for the latest addition to the Madison Fire Department’s (MFD) fleet—a new Volterra™ Electric Pumper from Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton.
Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) partnered with the fire department and added a DC fast charger at Fire Station 8 to help ensure the new truck is charged and ready to serve our community during emergencies.
Whether it’s a hybrid-electric fire truck, all-electric transit buses or your personal vehicle, electrifying transportation is key to carbon reductions and greater sustainability. Transportation accounts for almost 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States—it is the leading contributor of greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to lower emissions, electric vehicles have lower fuel and maintenance costs. MFD introduced its electric fire truck to our community in mid-June. Watch this brief video for a look at the future of cleaner, more sustainable transportation!



published: Jun-15-2021