Save Energy with Focus on Energy® Marketplace

The Emerson Sensi Touch 2 smart thermometer, reading 68 degrees at 6:10 with 41 percent humidity.
Interested in products to help you save energy? FOCUS ON ENERGY, MGE’s partner in energy efficiency, has an online marketplace, offering a variety of energy-saving items.  

From air purifiers to smart thermostats to LED lighting and more, many products offer instant discounts that can be applied at checkout.  

Add energy efficiency to your shopping list by visiting The site is continually updated as more energy-saving products are introduced. 


Get a free energy-saving pack for your household! 

Focus on Energy offers energy-saving packs featuring a variety of efficient home products—all sent at no cost to you! Eligible customers can order one free pack each year. Visit to order yours today! 

Incentives on Smart Thermostats from Focus on Energy

Eligible MGE customers can take advantage of instant incentives from Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program when purchasing a qualified smart thermostat. Visit to order your smart thermostat today!

published: Mar-25-2024