Science on the Square

Join MGE Energy Experts at the Wisconsin Science Festival.

The ninth annual Wisconsin Science Festival includes a Friday evening of science – and energy exploration – during Science on the Square in downtown Madison. Join MGE Energy Experts to see our electric vehicle (EV) display, our popular Pedal Power bicycle and more!

When and where

Friday, Oct. 18
6 to 9 p.m.
Top of State Street across from the Wisconsin Historical Museum

Hands-on activities

Our hands-on exhibit features a chance to learn about clean energy, EVs, electric safety and more! Stop by and join us for the following activities:

  • Pedal Power Bicycle: MGE's Pedal Power generator is hands-on and legs-on learning for kids! This one-of-a-kind bicycle shows how much human power it takes to produce electricity for a variety of household items like lightbulbs, fans and more items.
  • Shared Solar: MGE is planning a new Shared Solar array near Middleton's Morey Field Airport. Learn how customers can purchase local clean energy for their homes and businesses through this innovative community solar program.
  • EV Demonstration: MGE will have its Chevy Bolt on display and EV experts will be available to answer your questions. Find out how battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) differ and how they can reduce carbon emissions.
  • Hazard Hamlet: Safe, reliable power is MGE's top priority. MGE's tabletop safety model illustrates and simulates potentially dangerous outdoor electric safety situations. Learn what to avoid and how to react to different situations.

Net-zero carbon electricity

MGE is targeting net-zero carbon electricity for our customers by the year 2050. We're working toward our goal by decarbonizing our electric generation, engaging customers in energy efficiency and electrifying transportation. Stop by to learn how we can reduce carbon by working together to advance these three key strategies.

published: Sep-23-2019